The Guardian Project

The Guardian Project is a unique Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) project standardised across Greater Manchester, that provides tailored psychosocial therapeutic interventions to Children and Young Girls aged under 21, survivors / at risk of FGM. The project provides a confidential space to talk through feelings and emotions.

Our Mental Health Therapists and Children and Family Workers are culturally competent and trained to work with Children and Young People from minority ethnic communities, using a person-centred approach and creative methods.

Our Wellbeing Team deals with a range of cultural beliefs/issues that young people face in their lives, often impacting on their emotional wellbeing.

Children and young girl survivors/at risk of FGM are central to our work.

Making sense of their thoughts and ensuring that they develop coping strategies to help them move on and live a safer life, beyond FGM.

You can download our leaflet here, for further information about The Guardian Project.


The Guardian Project referral form


Testimony of ‘Maimouna’, a young adolescent who talks about her experience of FGM and the support she received via the Guardian Project

The Guardian Project featured on ITV news

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