Aspire, Inspire Project

Women from the Black and Ethnic Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities are empowered to become Community Health Advocates through training on Gender-Based Violence (GBV), with an emphasis on FGM. They can run local Coffee Morning sessions, Community Events, Campaigns, and inform professionals in their respective local authorities.

They chose these ways to spread the right message around Gender-Based Violence in general, and FGM in particular, rarely discussed by those who are at risk or who have been abused, being tolerated, normalised in their societies. The fear of social rejection would stop BAME women speaking out, leading to mental distress and trauma.

NESTAC aims to support and empower those women who courageously come forward.

With ‘Aspire, Inspire’, BAME women break the taboo surrounding primarily the harmful practice of FGM, and any other form of Gender-Based Violence.

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