This is the most frequent question around the world concerning  this topic 
The most common answer around the Globe is based around marriage and the Psychosexual reasons of FGM:

 FGM is said to be carried out as a way to control women’s sexuality, described as insatiable/uncontrollable, by who and since when? A lot fo people who practice FGM don’t know the answers to that. They believe that if parts of the genitalia, especially the clitoris, are not removed women will become too sexually active, have multiple partners, sex outside of marriage and bring shame to the family name within the community and culture. is done to ensure virginity before marriage based on their conclusion that the clitoris gives pleasure and feelings to Girls, their fear is that it will result in sleeping with different men that will bring shame to the family and society.

They remove the clitoris to cut the feeling and prevent girls from having the urge to have sex until they are married. But even when they are married these women often don’t want to have sex. Because they don’t know what to do but also it will be a painful experience as well as not being enjoyable for them.

Some victims are also stitched up, left with a small opening to urinate and menstruation, the reason being in a case where you cannot resist the man or you want to have sex at some point before marriage, penetration would be impossible because you are closed up.

What people fail to know and realise is that penetration is still impossible or often very difficult. Neither the man or the woman enjoy the sexual encounters, but because this is something no one within the community talks about, it’s very difficult to get help.

2.They also believe it helps in fidelity in married as you will stay faithful to your Husband. Since your feeling spot is cut down, you will stay with your husband and won’t have the urge to go outside and have sex, you will be content with him no matter what.

However men are sometimes very unfaithful because they do not enjoy the sexual encounters with their wives. So a woman’s sexual urges are cut down to protect the family and the honour, but then that pushes men to dishonour the wife and the family name. And as a victim you’re not supposed to talk about it, you’re not supposed to say anything.

3.Another one said is to increase male sexual orientation towards you
they say the clitoris is ugly and it keeps growing which makes it worst and unpleasant to look at, cutting it down will make the surface nice and presentable to the man when seen

This vanity matrix dismisses a woman’s health and a woman’s choice. But cultures where FGM is seen as needed, important and even necessary, how do you talk about it?

FGM is unfair towards women in the sense that men’s sexual orientation and urges are not diminished or seen as something that shouldn’t happen but for women, it is controlled and brought down to the lowest level by our society and cultural beliefs.

Is this right?

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