If someone ever mentioned FGM, what would be the first thing that you think of or the first thing that you visualise? FGM represents different beliefs in different culture, the purpose of a female undergoing FGM isn’t the same in all tribes, cultures and countries.

FGM internationally happens every single day at any hours, any time. At the moment that I am writing this post, it could be happening to an innocent little girl. In our society we have to ask ourselves, is there enough help being provided for FGM victims? What are the laws and protection available for victims and potential victims?

What are the laws and protection available for victims and potential victims?

The UK has installed several of these laws to protect women, but sometimes we have to think are we doing enough to make sure that the increase in FGM decreases and ends. I choose to talk about this topic as it’s something instilled in my family, passing from one generation to another but I am making this the last one as it should be an abomination.

Some countries have not even outlawed FGM but rather reinforce it. Other countries have these law but they aren’t enforced, because they don’t say much about it. I choose to use my voice and my experience to speak against it.

Within our society I feel like there is so much we can do, to not only raise awareness about this issue but also in making sure that the government in our society plays a part and supports charities as well as implement sanctions to stop FGM altogether.

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